Did You Know that Breast Augmentation Can Do This?

breast health woman checking her breasts shape in front of the mirror at homePatients who visit us for breast augmentation do so with a general goal in mind, to enlarge the breasts. While this is the known objective of the breast augmentation procedure, there are several other ways in which the insertion of carefully-selected breast implants can refine your shape. We’ll discuss them here.

Breast Augmentation Balances Proportions

Body proportions are created by curves and volume in the right places. The breasts should generally in proportionate to the shoulders and hips. Women with smaller breasts can refine their overall contours with a subtle to moderate increase. Unlike the early days of breast augmentation, today’s procedures seek to increase breast size just enough for each patient’s body frame. In this way, breast augmentation is an innately artistic surgery that should be performed only by an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon.

Breast Enlargement “Slims” the Tummy

Referring back to the concept of proportions, we can see that the size of the breasts has a direct influence on the appearance of adjacent areas, namely the tummy. Many patients combine their breast augmentation with tummy tuck surgery to gain more profoundly apparent contouring. However, breast augmentation alone can achieve noticeable results.

Breast Augmentation Improves Symmetry

It is not uncommon for a woman to naturally have some breast asymmetry. Usually, this is subtle enough to go unnoticed. More significant asymmetry is quickly treated with breast augmentation. To create more cosmetic harmony, the doctor inserts two differently-sized implants; a smaller implant in the larger breast and a larger implant in the smaller breast. While symmetry may not be perfect, it can be improved to the point at which subtle differences are barely perceptible.

Breast Augmentation Supports Confidence

No plastic surgery or cosmetic treatment can create confidence. That said, patients who approach breast augmentation with a healthy sense of self and realistic expectations typically experience immensely satisfying results. What breast augmentation can do is put your physical shape into alignment with your healthy image of yourself. The improvement in symmetry and body proportions make it more comfortable to wear clothing that may not have felt good previously. These improvements can make you feel even more like You, and that is a beautiful thing.

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