Here’s Why Facial Fat Transfer is So Popular!

Half naked ginger woman posing and looking at camera It’s easy to think that the earliest signs of aging are those pesky lines and creases that show up around your eyes, mouth, and other areas. In reality, what’s happening is that you’re losing volume in the layer of fat that plumps your skin. While dermal fillers do a great job of filling the void between doing nothing and having a facelift, we are finding that fat can play an even more important role in our quest for lasting facial rejuvenation. The facial fat transfer procedure is one that we are asked about nearly every day. Discovering how the process works, many patients select this approach as their preferred method of facial rejuvenation, even those who were previously considering plastic surgery. Here, we’ll discuss how facial fat transfer can help restore a more youthful facial aesthetic.

What is Facial Fat Transfer?

Facial fat transfer is a minimally-invasive, two-part treatment that is often performed right in the office. The objective is to utilize the fat that you do not need or want in one area of your body to enhance the contours of your face. Because the fat cells in your body also contain stem cells, there is a thought that the transferred material also has regenerative effects. You will need to prepare for some downtime to allow swelling and bruising to subside. You may need to curtail some of your more strenuous physical activities for three to four weeks. That said, the results of facial fat transfer can last indefinitely after your recovery period during which the transferred fat cells integrate and obtain their new blood supply.

A Few Reasons Facial Fat Transfer is So Popular

  • Look younger and more refreshed. The loss of facial fat can flatten the mid-face and narrow the temple area, resulting in a wider lower facial region. Without sufficient fat to round out the cheeks, the jawline can begin to sag and soften, making the face look both longer and wider.
  • Slim down. The results of liposuction can be immensely gratifying. Nearly every person we meet has a little bit of stubborn fat somewhere on their body. The dual effect of fat transfer is that a troublesome area gets sculpted while the face gets a quick refresher.
  • Treatment is convenient and minimally invasive. Facial fat transfer may be performed using a local anesthetic, meaning that you are awake through the treatment process. Without the use of general anesthesia, your immediate post-treatment recovery will be much faster.
  • Subtle, natural-looking results. The doctor may prepare you for a bit of an exaggerated outcome right after your facial fat transfer treatment. This is due to swelling and also the use of a bit more fat than is needed to achieve the ideal outcome. Doctors often insert slightly more fat than is necessary because they expect some of the transferred cells to die off in the weeks following treatment. Once the post-op swelling and fat subside, your facial rejuvenation will look completely natural, because it is!

Facial fat transfer is considered safe, effective, and rewarding. To learn more or to schedule your consultation for facial rejuvenation at our Templeton, CA plastic surgery office, call 805-324-6961 today.

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