Healthy skin is a confidence-booster at any age. When you take excellent care of your skin, there is a good chance that it will age more gracefully. Skin care isn't just about the products you use but also about the interventions that you receive as needed to address specific concerns. At our premier plastic surgery practice in Central California's beautiful wine country, patients can receive treatments that foster healthy, youthful-looking skin. The non-surgical facial treatments available at our friendly, comfortable office can be enjoyed by patients who have undergone facial plastic surgery or by those who are interested in managing their aging skin without surgery.

What Is ZO Skin Health?

ZO Skin Health is a robust line of clinical-grade skincare solutions developed by board-certified dermatologist Dr. Zein Obagi. The extensive selection of products that have been developed and refined over the years are formulated to help all skin types, conditions, ages, and ethnicities thrive under each person's unique circumstances. The intent behind Obagi skincare products is to develop and maintain healthy skin, not simply to correct damage and disease. The products work through bioengineered complexes and precise formulas that maximize the delivery of nourishing skin therapies for outstanding results. Whether your goal is correction or prevention, ZO Skin Health has a solution for you.

What Type Of Products Does The ZO Skin Health Line Include?

Within the ZO Skin Health line are numerous preventive and corrective treatments. Clinical skincare includes daily cleansers and moisturizers to meet the very basic dermatologic needs for vibrant skin. The line also includes products that support tissue repair, strengthen the skin, and protect against premature signs of aging. Within ZO Skin Health, patients can find cleansers, exfoliators, toners, retinol, targeted treatments, eye care, hydrators, peels and masques, and more.

What Are Chemical Peels?

A chemical peel is a rejuvenating treatment that involves an application of a chemical solution to the skin. The solution permeates the uppermost layers of tissue, resulting in the loosening of dead and damaged skin cells from the surface. These nonvital cells slough off to reveal smoother, brighter, more resilient skin. Medical peels are performed in a doctor's office under careful oversight by a medical aesthetician. These peels are slightly more intense than the lighter peels one may perform at home or receive at a day spa. Medical peels achieve more profound results by penetrating the full thickness of the epidermis and stimulating tissue renewal into the layer of the dermis. TCA peels are considered medium-depth peels, while phenol peels permeate into the deeper layers of tissue.

What Kind Of Results Can I Expect From A Chemical Peel?

Medical peels are designed for results. Both medium and deep chemical peels can improve skin tone, reduce pore size, and correct mild to severe photodamage. These treatments can reduce the signs of scars, skin discoloration, fine lines and wrinkles, and may reduce some precancerous growths. The chemical peels carefully performed in our office achieve complete skin rejuvenation with relatively little downtime in comparison to the prolonged results they achieve.

What Are Facials?

Facials are professional services that cleanse the skin and its pores, exfoliate dead and damaged skin cells, and address common skin concerns like acne and photoaging. Professional facials are multi-step treatments aimed at nourishing and rejuvenating the skin so it appears younger and healthier. Facials are crafted through a comprehensive consultation during which we come to understand the patient's concerns and desired results. This discussion allows us to identify the ideal products for each person's skin. The facial itself may follow a few simple steps, all of which feel luxurious. Steps to a facial may include cleansing, exfoliation, extractions as needed, facial massage, and the application of nourishing serums, moisturizers, or a custom mask.

What Kind Of Results Can I Expect From A Facial?

Professional facials help correct common skin problems such as dryness, oiliness, or mild acne. A facial improves the radiance and softness of the skin in a way that is very relaxing to the patient. Depending on the products incorporated into facial treatments and the frequency with which appointments occur, a custom treatment program may address more involved concerns such as hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, and sun damage. For more significant concerns, the provider may recommend that a new skincare routine begin with a chemical peel or collagen-inducing laser treatment. In this way, the results of each facial may be maximized.

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If you are considering skincare or other non-surgical services, contact the plastic surgery practice of Charles Chalekson MD Inc., today online or at 805.434.2828 to schedule a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Charles Chalekson. In addition to women in Paso Robles & Atascadero, San Luis Obispo, Cambria & Morro Bay, Arroyo Grande & Pismo Beach, Santa Maria and Santa Barbara, we happily welcome patients from across California and the U.S.

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