The struggle with uneven, asymmetrical breasts can be quite difficult.  Our team can help to improve your balance and proportions and enhance your physique, in addition to adding to your self-confidence through breast augmentation and other procedures to improve breast asymmetry. Surgery for breast asymmetry is designed to make your breasts closer and even with the insertion of different-sized implants and improvements in different degrees of sagging and laxity.

With asymmetrical breast augmentation in San Luis Obispo County, you can improve the shape, size, fullness, firmness, proportion, and symmetry of your breasts. Our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Charles Chalekson, is trained in the most advanced and cutting-edge surgical techniques to help you achieve your aesthetic goals and fall in love with your new body. To find out more about asymmetrical breast augmentation or the other procedures we offer, contact our clinic today.

What Is Asymmetrical Breast Surgery and Augmentation?

Asymmetrical breast augmentation in San Luis Obispo County improves and perfects the symmetry of your breasts, ensuring they are the same in shape, volume, and fullness. This is completed through the insertion of FDA-approved implants, autologous fat transfer, and possibly breast lifts.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Chalekson and our aesthetic experts will walk you through your options for breast enhancement, including helping you choose your possible options, including which type, shape, and size of implant will best help you achieve your goals. In some instances, we may recommend alternative or additional procedures. For example, a combination of breast lift and augmentation may be appropriate if you would also like to address moderate degrees of sagging or differences in where your breasts sit on your chest.

At this visit, our team will also thoroughly review your medical history. It is critical that you disclose any medications, supplements, or vitamins that you may be taking, as well as any known medical conditions.

What To Expect During Your Asymmetric Breast Augmentation Procedure

Your asymmetric breast enhancement surgery in San Luis Obispo County will be performed under general anesthesia to ensure your comfort. Dr. Chalekson will make a small, carefully concealed incision depending on the degree and type of differences between your breasts.  Incisions can be typically located close to the breast crease, but if a lift or other adjustment is needed, may require another incision. Through this incision, a pocket will be created underneath the breast tissue or muscle, depending on your needs and anatomical considerations. Within this pocket, an implant will be carefully placed, and your incisions will be secured. The smaller breast will typically have a larger implant to accommodate for and correct asymmetry.

Recovery From Your Asymmetrical Breast Augmentation

We will provide you with personalized directions to ensure a smooth and optimal recovery following your asymmetrical breast augmentation. Most patients require at least two weeks of rest following their procedure. We always recommend to our patients that they abstain from vigorous physical activity during this rest period. When given the all-clear by our medical team, you can resume your normal exercise routine. Generally, your implants will settle over 12 weeks, but in most instances, you can return to work after a week. Heavy lifting should be avoided for at least two weeks. Ensure that you attend all follow-up appointments as scheduled.

Enhance Your Curves With Asymmetrical Breast Augmentation in San Luis Obispo County

Dr. Chalekson is an esteemed and highly sought-after board-certified plastic surgeon who is trained in the latest and most advanced surgical techniques for the breast and body. Together we can help you discover and achieve your ideal silhouette.

Call us today to schedule your initial consultation for your asymmetrical breast augmentation in San Luis Obispo County. As a premier plastic surgery destination, we welcome patients from across the country and throughout California, including San Luis Obispo, Paso Robles, Templeton, Atascadero, Arroyo Grande, Pismo Beach, Cambria, Santa Barbara, and Santa Maria.


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