How Long Does Abdominoplasty Last?

Also called a tummy tuck, the abdominoplasty procedure provides long-lasting results. The fat that is removed is gone for good; however, it is still possible for new fat cells to accumulate. If they do, they may appear on the tummy or elsewhere, or be evenly distributed across the body.

Maintaining a stable body weight after the procedure is a good way to preserve the results. Continue to exercise, eat well, and practice healthy habits in order to avoid major weight gain. Most people feel very motivated to do so once they see how great their results look!

A future pregnancy could also change your tummy tuck results. This body procedure doesn’t prevent a woman from becoming pregnant or having a healthy pregnancy, so you can certainly opt for the surgery even if you aren’t sure about becoming pregnant in the future. But a pregnancy will cause the abdominal muscles to stretch and the tummy area to stretch as your body accommodates the growing baby. It is likely that the course of pregnancy will lead to the type of sagging skin, fat accumulation, and loss of abdominal tone that was the reason for your original tummy tuck. So, you may want to wait to get abdominoplasty at the point in your life that you aren’t planning for more children.

All things considered, it’s safe to say that abdominoplasty has lasting results although it is of course still possible to gain new weight. Some of our patients opt to hire personal trainers, enroll in fitness classes, or take on new active hobbies like running in order to keep their new tummy area in tip-top shape. You and Dr. Chalekson can discuss individualized options during your consultation. We care about helping our patients get the longest-lasting results.


To learn more about tummy tuck results and candidacy, please call the plastic surgery practice of Dr. Charles Chalekson. Dr. Chalekson performs abdominoplasty in Templeton, CA, and he looks forward to helping each patient take the first step on their cosmetic journey! Call today to get started and to arrange a consultation with Dr. Chalekson.


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