As you prepare for your breast lift surgery, it’s understandable to feel a mix of excitement and apprehension. Our goal is to ensure your journey to breast lift surgery in San Luis Obispo County is as seamless and reassuring as possible. We are here to support you and ensure your comfort throughout this process.

To enhance your experience and ensure you feel fully prepared for your surgery, we recommend the following steps. Additionally, having all your questions and concerns addressed before the surgery is vital for your peace of mind. Should you have any unresolved queries or require further clarification on any aspect of the procedure, Dr. Chalekson and our team are at your disposal. Please don’t hesitate to reach out, whether it’s to make an additional consultation appointment or to simply call us with your questions.

Preparation for Breast Lift Surgery

As you begin your preparations for breast lift surgery, it’s crucial to ensure that all preoperative tests and clearances from other healthcare providers in San Luis Obispo County have been obtained. Neglecting these important steps could lead to the unfortunate cancellation of your surgery. Make it a priority to complete all necessary tasks well in advance to avoid any delays or complications with your scheduled procedure.

Meal Preparation

Maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise regimen is instrumental in preparing your body for the physical demands of surgery. A well-nourished and fit body can significantly enhance your recovery process. To ensure you can continue consuming nutritious meals post-surgery, it’s wise to prepare and store meals in advance. Given the anticipated limitation in arm mobility following your breast lift, cooking will not be feasible. Preparing easily accessible foods that require minimal effort to enjoy and storing them in your refrigerator and freezer is a proactive approach to your post-operative nutrition.

Limit Tobacco and Alcohol Consumption

You will need to stop all alcohol and tobacco-product usage at least two weeks before and after surgery.

Fill Prescriptions

Make sure your prescription medications for after your surgery are filled. In addition to us giving you any surgery-related prescriptions ahead of time, you need to have any medications you take regularly in good supply at home. Ask for easy-to-open lids for your bottles.

Last-Minute Shopping

Before your surgery, it’s important to address any pending errands to ensure you have no outstanding tasks during your recovery period. Completing your grocery shopping and securing any additional items you might need post-surgery is essential for a comfortable and stress-free healing process. Additionally, consider acquiring some forms of entertainment, such as magazines or books, to keep you engaged while you recuperate.

Organizing your living space is also crucial for a smooth recovery. Arrange your essentials and frequently used items at a convenient height to avoid the need for reaching or bending, which could be uncomfortable or harmful in the early stages of recovery. Preparing your environment in this manner not only enhances your comfort but also promotes a safer healing journey.


Ensuring your living space is clean and organized a few days before your surgery can significantly ease your post-operative recovery. This preparation eliminates the need for physically demanding chores such as sweeping and dusting during the initial weeks of healing. If managing household tasks becomes challenging, consider enlisting the help of a friend or family member to maintain your environment while you focus on recovery.

Additionally, having a wardrobe of clean, easy-to-wear clothing is essential for your comfort post-surgery. Opt for garments that do not require overhead motion to put on, such as button-up shirts or tops with front zippers, paired with pants that have an elastic waistband. This clothing choice will facilitate dressing and undressing without strain. Equally important are slip-on shoes that eliminate the need to bend over, further minimizing discomfort.

Upon discharge, you will be provided with a surgical bra designed for immediate post-operative use. However, it’s important to have additional supportive bras that do not irritate incisions while offering adequate support during your recovery. Our staff is available to provide recommendations tailored to your post-surgical needs, ensuring your utmost comfort and support throughout the healing process.

Child Care

If you have children at home, be sure to arrange for their care. If your children are young enough to need frequent lifting, you will need help for up to a month. With older children, you may only need help for a few days. Line up family and friends who could come to your house or who could take your children for certain amounts of time when needed.

Arrange For Someone to Help You

You are going to need help with tasks like washing your hair, and you are also going to want someone to drive you to appointments until you can safely operate a vehicle. Finding people ahead of time can be helpful so you do not have to call someone at the last minute.

Get Rest

The night before surgery is a time for sleep. Do not put off tasks until the last minute. Your body will be best prepared for surgery if you sleep the night before.

Additionally, round up any extra pillows in your house. After surgery you may find you want the extra support for your arms and shoulders, and having a variety of pillows available will be extremely helpful.

The Day of Surgery

The start of your surgical day is at midnight. You will not be able to eat or drink after a specific time, which we will provide to you. However, you may have a small sip of water to take any necessary medications, and you may rinse your mouth after brushing your teeth. You may not chew on gum or suck on mints or other candy.

Shower Before Surgery

Preparation for surgery includes a shower. Shampoo your hair and be sure to gently wash your upper body as it will help fight against infection. Do not scrub hard or shave because you do not want any breaks in your skin. Additionally, do not put any type of moisturizer on your upper body. If you have been provided with special antimicrobial wipes, use those as instructed after your shower.

What To Wear

Pick a loose-fitting button or zipper top and elastic waistband pants to wear to surgery. Leave your jewelry, hair clips, and contact lenses at home, but do bring along glasses. There is no need for makeup, nail polish, or perfume on this special day.

Surgery Duration and Aftercare

Although you may have been preparing for your breast lift for weeks, your surgery in San Luis Obispo County will last about two to three hours. Once your surgery is completed, you will be in the recovery room for about one hour. At that point, your designated driver will take you home. For your own safety, you should have an adult who will be staying with you that evening and overnight.

Take pain medications as needed. Stay well hydrated with caffeine-free drinks even if you are not interested in drinking right away. If you find you are not hungry, your appetite will most likely be back the following day. Find a comfortable place to sleep, and sleep as much as you want. Allowing your body to rest will help it to heal quickly.

Call With Questions About Your San Luis Obispo Breast Lift Preparation and Surgery

You may never feel like you are ready for surgery, but if you have read this short guide and completed almost everything we have listed, you will have your breast lift preparation and surgery in San Luis Obispo County well under control.

As a premiere plastic surgery destination, we are happy to see patients from across the country as well as around California including San Luis Obispo, Paso Robles, Templeton, Atascadero, Arroyo Grande, Pismo Beach, Cambria, Santa Barbara, and Santa Maria. If you have any lingering questions, do not hesitate to contact our office. We are more than happy to assist you and to make sure your surgery is as smooth as possible.


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