Is There Time for Liposuction Before Vacation?

It seems we’ve reached a point in our journey with COVID-19 that we might start considering those summertime getaways once again. Getting out and away from home for a short time can be an exciting break from the rut we’ve been in for over two years now. If the pandemic altered your life in a way that resulted in some weight gain, first, know that you’re not alone. Second, know that you may still have time to whittle that excess fatty tissue before your big escape. Here, we discuss how long it can take to see the best results from liposuction.


There are two aspects of surgical recovery in most cases. The first is the initial recovery period during which the majority of the body’s energy resources are being directed toward tissue healing and regeneration. This initial time of recovery lasts one to two weeks, and involves the most stringent activity restrictions. After liposuction, it is necessary to wear compression garments as directed. Moderate post-operative discomfort can be managed with prescription medication, also used as directed. During this early period of healing, swelling, bruising, and fatigue are most pronounced but managed with appropriate aftercare as outlined in our post-op instructions.

Inflammation is a normal side effect of surgery and a necessary part of the healing process. Where there is inflammation, though, there is swelling. Depending on where you plan to go on vacation and what you plan to do, swelling is not a side effect you may want to contend with. Generally, we expect this side effect to resolve in three to four weeks. If your vacation is scheduled for the end of summer, you have ample time to perfect your body contours with liposuction.


Liposuction is a relatively minimally-invasive plastic surgery procedure. It removes excess fat with the slightest disruption to surrounding tissues. To heal well, you need only follow your post-op instructions to a tee. Suggestions for optimal healing include:

  • Wear your compression garment as directed. Initially, you may be instructed to wear the garment at all times unless showering. This is needed to help reduce swelling and to promote the development of new curves in the treatment area.
  • Live healthy. Your healthy lifestyle choices can augment and prolong the results achieved through the liposuction procedure. During recovery, this doesn’t look like calorie restriction or strenuous exercise. It looks like rest, a whole-food diet including anti-inflammatory foods like olive oil and green leafy vegetables, and staying hydrated.
  • We mentioned rest as a part of a healthy lifestyle after surgery, and we’ll mention it again as its own point. Why? Because it’s that important to resist the urge to push yourself after liposuction surgery. Keep in mind that doing too much too soon can actually work against you in this matter.

Come see us before you jet off on vacation. Contact our Templeton, CA plastic surgery office to schedule your liposuction consultation with Dr. Chalekson.


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