It’s Not too Late for a Chemical Peel Before Summer

With all of the advanced technologies that have been developed over the past few years, we can easily forget the tried-and-true treatments that can help us maintain our skin at every age. Regardless of whether you are in your early adult years and interested in postponing the signs of aging or you have some sun damage that you’d like to correct, a chemical peel may be the treatment you need to stay or get back on track.

Chemical peels are treatments that accelerate the natural process of cellular turnover. They range from very mild with no downtime to quite strong with days of redness and flaking. What this means for you is that there is a chemical peel that can be right for you at any given time, even now, just before summer. At Chalekson Plastic Surgery, we offer chemical peels that are tailored to each patient’s preferences and needs.


People often say that wintertime is the best time to get chemical peels. However, with a few precautions, you can get a chemical peel any time of year. Seeing that we don’t get much of a break from the sunshine in our part of the country, it’s necessary to favor precautions over timing, anyway. Some of the reasons to get a chemical peel now include:

  • Quick results: One of the benefits of chemical peels is that the treatment achieves immediate results. After even the lightest chemical peel, your skin can feel softer and smoother for a week or longer.
  • A renewed glow: One of the effects of a chemical peel is that the skin’s oil production slows to some degree. This can be an enormous benefit for summertime oily skin.
  • Make-up free living: During the summer months, many people like to lighten up on the makeup they wear. When your skin is regularly exfoliated and working to replenish its surface with fresh, healthy cells, you may gain complete freedom from foundation and powders without losing your radiance and uniform complexion.
  • A fresh start: It’s difficult to get through a life in California without some sun damage. Chemical peels dislodge the dead and damaged cells that have risen to the surface with previous signs of sun damage. There is no reason to wait for more sun damage to accumulate. Getting a chemical peel now can set the stage for a fresh, beautiful summer.


The primary reason people say wintertime is the best time for a chemical peel is that this treatment can create photosensitivity. Also, excessive exposure to ultraviolet light is the primary cause of premature aging like dark spots and fine lines. With that in mind, you can confidently schedule your chemical peel treatment now and also enjoy outstanding results. After your peel, follow your providers instructions for care and get diligent about wearing broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen every day. In the days or weeks after your chemical peel, wear a wide-brimmed hat on especially sunny or long days outdoors.

We care about healthy, glowing skin. To schedule your non-surgical skin-boosting treatment, contact us.


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