Reclaim Your Beautiful Contours with Renuvion

As you have gotten older, you may have expected some wrinkles here and there. You may be using the best products and taking care to avoid too much sun exposure, and yet your skin just keeps aging. By aging, we mean that it keeps thinning and developing new creases and bands. Loose skin and excess fat often accumulate to create a double-chin or “turkey neck.” These factors also contribute to the development of bat wings on the upper arms, loose skin above the knees, and sagging tissue across the lower abdomen. We know we cannot stop the hands of time. However, we can work against them. In our Templeton plastic surgery practice, we do that with various surgical procedures. We also accomplish some pretty remarkable results using non-surgical Renuvion!


We are excited to offer Renuvion non-surgical skin tightening! This treatment uses a combination of radiofrequency and helium plasma, a powerful duo for getting noticeable results. The process is non-surgical and minimally invasive. To assure comfort, we administer an anesthetic to the target area. You may also receive mild sedation to maintain the utmost comfort throughout your procedure because the way that Renuvion achieves such impressive skin tightening involves the insertion of energy beneath the skin. This is different than the vast majority of skin tightening treatments, which deliver radiofrequency or other forms of energy through the skin. By depositing energy deeply, where fibrous tissue lives, Renuvion stimulates significant tissue regeneration, and it does so using safe technology. One of the benefits of this treatment is the inclusion of helium plasma. This is also called JPlasma, and it acts to cool the treatment area very quickly after radiofrequency energy has warmed the fibers of the skin’s foundation.


The skin changes in every part of the body at some point. Renuvion has been designed to address nearly all of them. Some of the most common treatment areas for powerful skin tightening include:

  • Lower face
  • Upper neck
  • Backs of the arms
  • Abdomen
  • Flanks
  • Buttocks
  • Knees and thighs

If you have mild to moderate laxity in your facial or body skin, you may be an excellent candidate for Renuvion. We’d love to share details about this treatment with you, as we have with many women from Cambria, Morro Bay, Santa Barbara, and many other areas! Contact us at 805-324-6961 to schedule your consultation.


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