Tips for a Successful Plastic Surgery Recovery

Plastic surgery is a process. First, you’ll have your consultation to discuss your goals and your surgical options with Dr. Chalekson. Next, you’ll schedule your surgical appointment and follow the pre-operative instructions, including arranging a ride home and getting plenty of rest. After those phases, you’ll return home to heal from surgery and recover. Here are a few tips for a successful recovery:

  • Prepare your house. You’ll want some pre-cooked healthy meals. A comfortable recliner or area to rest during the day. You’ll also want to have your normal chores attended to in advance so you don’t feel pressure to clean, cook, grocery shop, or complete your normal errands while you recover.
  • Prepare your schedule. Dr. Chalekson will speak with you about how much time he recommends you take off from work, social activities, exercise, and your other obligations. You should arrange time off from work and cancel any events before your surgical day.
  • Don’t cut corners. Once you start feeling strong, you may be tempted to get in some strenuous exercise or do things around the house, even though you haven’t reached that point in your recovery. It’s important to stick to the plan so that everything heals correctly.
  • Ask for help. Most of our patients have busy lives full of responsibilities. It can often be difficult to simply say no and prioritize your recovery for a week, two weeks, or even longer. But it’s so important to do so! Each person has different responsibilities in their lives, but we encourage you to arrange for help with childcare, work responsibilities, social responsibilities, or other things in your life that you need to take some time off from.

Patience will go a long way during this period of downtime. It can be frustrating at times to simply take it easy and take time off from your normal routine. But you’ll be back at it before you know it! Following all of the aftercare instructions and restrictions to a T will contribute to your body recovering fully and the longest-lasting results possible.


If you’re ready to discuss plastic surgery planning with an experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon, please contact the practice of Dr. Charles Chalekson in Templeton, CA.


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